Graduating Seniors featured in the Old Gold & Black

Applied Statistics: Abby Draeger In addition to completing her major in applied statistics, Draeger also completed a minor in computer science and mathematics. When about how she managed to complete such an ambitious workload, she smiled. Full article. Statistics: Hanna Vaidya Determined to pursue statistics, […]

Distinguished Lecture in Statistics & Biostatistics

Education, Collaboration, Leadership: It’s What We Do Leslie McClure, PhDDean, College for Public Health and Social Justice, St Louis UniversityBiotech Auditorium Room 151; Tuesday, April 16th 4:00pm The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a statistician as: “one versed in or engaged in compiling statistics.” However, the role […]

Colloquium: Flexible Regression Models for Dispersed Count Data

Flexible Regression Models for Dispersed CountData Kimberly Sellers, NC State University ZSR Auditorium, Tuesday, March 26th 11:00am Poisson regression is a popular tool for modeling count data and is applied in a vast array of disciplines. Real data, however, are often over- or under-dispersed relative […]

Colloquium: Catalyzing the Causal Validation Flywheel

Travis Gerke, The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials ConsortiumMalcolm Barrett, Stanford University ZSR Auditorium, Thursday, March 7th 12:30pm This talk will provide a high-level overview of causal diagrams and discuss current challenges with causal AI. An emerging software platform that enables collaborative human-in-the-loop causal identification and […]