Welcome to the
Department of Statistical Sciences
at Wake Forest University

Mission Statement: The mission of the Department of Statistical Sciences is to educate students to become leaders and advocates for sound statistical reasoning, and to improve our society through innovative statistical and interdisciplinary research.  To succeed in this mission, the Department will:

  • Offer a premier undergraduate educational experience to Statistics, Applied Statistics and Mathematical Business majors, preparing each for successful careers as well as further graduate study.
  • Offer a personalized Master’s program in Statistics, creating pathways into the field and opportunities for mentored research.
  • Contribute to the advancement of the statistical sciences through peer-reviewed research and scientific collaborations across disciplines.
  • Support the wider Wake Forest community with high quality general statistics education offerings.

  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been restructured
    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been restructured into two academic departments effective July 1, 2022.  Continuing will be the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Statistical Sciences.  Dr. Sarah Raynor will continue as Chair of the Department of Mathematics, and Dr. Rob Erhardt will Chair of the Department of Statistical Sciences.  The Department of Mathematics […]
  • Dr. Huang proposal receives funding
    Emily Huang, assistant professor of math and statistics, whose proposal entitled “Integrating lifecourse approaches, biologic and digital phenotypes in support of heart and lung disease epidemiologic research” has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and Harvard University (President and Fellows of Harvard College).
  • Dr. Jadhav receives grant funding
    Dr. Sneha Jadhav’s grant proposal “Alerting for Time Series Data” was awarded by Last9. The project runs from 2022-2023, and will develop new statistical methodology for deep learning applications for time series data. 
  • Dr. Kenneth Berenhaut receives the Graduate Student Association 2022 Faculty Excellence Award
    This award is presented to the faculty member whom the Graduate Student Association has selected as having done the most to promote excellence in graduate education this past year.  Dr. Berenhaut’s commitment to mentorship and scholarship symbolizes the core values of the graduate school’s mission of excellence.  Dr. Berenhaut has been described as an outstanding […]
    The chair who nominated the recipient of this year’s Teaching Professionals Award for Excellence in Teaching succinctly relayed that this professor “is a superb example of what a teaching professional can be,” from curriculum development and professional development to undergraduate research support and classroom settings. The department chair and associate chair have both reviewed materials […]