Department faculty are generally happy to write letters of reference for students they know well. If you wish to ask that one of our faculty write you a letter of recommendation, please adhere to the following guidelines. We ask these things both so that we can write good letters, and so that it does not take us an inordinate amount of time to do so. Bear in mind that over 120 students graduate from this department every year, so we are all writing many letters each year. It is important that we be able to organize and plan.

First, e-mail each faculty member and ask them if they are willing to write you a letter. Most faculty will want to talk to you in person before agreeing. If they agree, provide the following information at least two weeks before the first letter is due. Note that most faculty prefer to have this information via email but some may accept or prefer paper copies.

Please send your faculty members email reminders as the deadlines approach. When they send out each of your letters, they will usually inform you. This means that if you haven’t heard from them, your letters may not have been sent. They are busy and can lose track—it is your responsibility to make sure they are reminded to send the letters.

Please let each of your recommenders know the results of your applications and your plans, when you find out.